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Training & Development

Preparing Employees to Lead
We’re moving our workforce into the future with training and development balanced across technical skills, leadership skills, business impact and personal impact throughout an employee’s career.

To prepare our workforce to run a safe, ethical and responsible company, Marathon Oil focuses on delivering best-in-class, fit-for-purpose learning. We provide on-the-job development and technical training, formal training and development programs, education opportunities and tuition reimbursement. In 2018, employees recorded approximately 80,000 hours of computer-based training (CBT) related to health, environmental and safety (HES) regulatory compliance, ethics compliance, petrotechnical skills, information technology and personalized learning in our Learning Management System (LMS).

Aligning with our core value of Taking Ownership, we believe professional development is the employee’s responsibility, and in 2018 we focused on creating opportunities for employees to personalize learning to meet their needs, interests, preferences and time constraints. Learning options are also closely aligned to Marathon Oil’s business needs, values and critical capabilities. By leveraging technology, we’re delivering highly targeted self-service courses and training. Employees have access to on-demand content such as a digital library of corporate licenses, subscriptions and abstracts. Most digital learning is automatically recorded in the LMS or other platforms, where it can be tracked for employee development discussions and planning, and for broader analysis by our training and development staff.

Marathon Oil continues to look for ways to help our workforce build their skills. We plan to deliver shorter in-person courses and additional on-demand learning opportunities in 2019 to make learning even more targeted and accessible. To reinforce the company’s commitment to diversity, we will introduce a mandatory annual diversity CBT course.

Building Skills for the Future
Team members participate in training in Houston

Leadership Development Series

While employees are accountable for their own development, Marathon Oil wants to help them acquire the skills they need to reach their professional potential and contribute to the company’s growth. Our Leadership Development Series and Field Leadership Program give employees the skills to lead themselves, lead together, lead others and lead the business. Courses in the series include:

  • E&P 101 to help employees in corporate functions understand our business and how they impact it
  • High-performance Teams to improve team effectiveness
  • Leading through Change to understand how to give and receive feedback
  • Two diversity courses on recognizing unconscious bias and inclusive leadership

The courses are optional but encouraged to enable employees who already have strong technical skills to understand the nine behaviors Marathon Oil expects leaders to exhibit. These behaviors include taking informed risks, making timely decisions, adapting and pivoting, taking the initiative and keeping an open mind. Course attendance has climbed steadily since 2017, indicating growth in employee engagement. More than 500 employees took at least one leadership development or field leadership course in 2018, with the Personal Impact Skills, Challenging Conversations and Leading Others courses receiving the highest satisfaction scores.

In addition, newly hired or promoted supervisors are strongly encouraged to take the Leadership Immersion course covering management essentials, situational leadership, and additional diversity and inclusion courses. In 2019, we’ll begin offering a 360-degree leadership assessment process for designated leaders. The process informs individual development plans with feedback from the employee and his or her subordinates, peers, supervisor and external parties.

Employees took leadership training in 2018

Petrotechnical Training

At Marathon Oil, petrotechnical employees are vital to the success of our resource exploration, development and production efforts. We have a team dedicated to training and developing petrotechs to ensure they can make the best technical decisions for our business. Petrotechs attended in-house courses taught by Marathon Oil subject-matter experts (SME), external instructor-led courses, virtual classes and short courses at industry conferences in 2018.

Early-career engineers and geoscientists participate in our Catalyst training and development program, generally in their first year with Marathon Oil.

Over a seven-month period, Catalyst attendees receive 120 hours of formal training by internal technical SMEs in geology, geophysics, petrophysics, drilling, completions, production, facilities and reservoir engineering.

Participants also learn leadership skills and are introduced to our corporate functions. Through presentations from Marathon Oil leaders, the employees learn about our culture, values, and how we achieve safe, clean and responsible operations. At the end of their Catalyst training, attendees have a network of coworkers and SMEs throughout the company, understand our technical core disciplines and support functions, and are aware of the career paths available to them at Marathon Oil. We also strive to expose Catalyst participants to diverse assignments in their first six years in the industry to attract, develop and retain early-career petrotechnical professionals.

Catalyst Training
Houston, Texas

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